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HZCS-3 Automatic Transformer Oil Acidity Test Equipment


HZCS-3 transformer oil acid tester is a fully automatic measuring instrument which adopts the extraction method to accurately detect the insulating oil acid value. This instrument can improve the working efficiency and test accuracy, and at the same time ensure the safety of the body by reducing the operator's contact with the samples and reagents.

The instrument will automatically search the samples, inject the extraction, make a blank titration, do an experiment, clean off, display printing results and other operations as long as the operator put the sample cups in the sample cup holes and inject the extraction in the cup. Once started, 1 to 3 samples can be measured, which is convenient and high efficiency.


Technical index

1) Test range: 0.002~1mg KOH/g

2) Test error: ≤±0.005mg KOH/g

3) Repeatability: ≤0.005mg KOH/g

4) Ambient temperature: 10℃~45℃

5) Relative humidity(RH): ≤85%RH

6) Voltage supply: AC220V/50Hz

7) Power: 50W

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