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HZYW650 Intelligent Wireless Ultrasonic Level Transmitter


HZYW650 series intelligent wireless digital wireless liquid level/level sensor is a high-precision, high-stability intelligent digital display product launched by our company. It is suitable for real-time measurement and display of liquid level/material level. The product adopts a dedicated wide temperature LCD display, a high stability sensor, and is carefully manufactured through precision digital temperature compensation and nonlinear correction technology to ensure high accuracy and high stability of liquid level/level measurement. The built-in wireless module uses the network to provide users with wireless long-distance and low-power data transmission, and sends all the sensor status data to the cloud background management server in real time to achieve alarm linkage and data statistical analysis with the smart cloud platform.

II. Product features

◆Power supply: two DC3.6V disposable lithium batteries

◆Wireless transmit power: <23 dBm

◆Receiving sensitivity: <-135 dBm

◆Theoretical bandwidth: 200Kbs

◆Support wireless transmission of alarm status to server, server address and port can be configured

◆Adopt precision digital temperature compensation and nonlinear correction technology, wide temperature range and full range precision compensation;

◆Indication of multiple data types (percentage, output current display);

◆Special wide temperature LCD display (-30℃80℃);

◆Provide multiple power supply methods at the same time;

◆Vertical installation or axial installation, provide a variety of liquid level / level interface and interface materials;

◆With parameterized LCD and three setting buttons.

◆According to user needs and site conditions, the collection frequency and collection time interval can be set.

◆Battery power monitoring, when the power is low, the meter screen flashes prompts and reports to the centralized management platform at the same time.

◆Water pressure/water level alarm threshold can be set and modified according to actual needs.

◆Automatic alarm for water pressure/water level alarm threshold.

III. Application

The HZYW650 series is used to indicate and monitor the water pressure/water level value changes at the installation site, and upload real-time data to the centralized management platform through the built-in wireless transmission module, which is convenient for users to intelligently and centrally manage. It is mainly used in the following industries:

• Fire fighting water system         • City water supply

• Sewage treatment                    • Long-distance heating

• Food industry                          • Chemical, energy

IV.Technical parameters



Measured variable

liquid level, material level

Maximum measuring range

20-4000mmcan be customized according to requirements


Comprehensive accuracy

±0.15%FS/ 0.15℃

Temperature compensation


Vibration influence

± 0.05% /g, 500Hz in all directions (Conform to the IEC 68-2-64)

Rated conditions
Environmental conditions

Ambient temperature


Storage temperature


Protection grade

IP65 IP65, in line with EN 60529

Electromagnetic compatibility

EN 61326/A2 Annex A 2001

Display and control


SFTN LCD, white backlight, 5-digit display.

Limit value

freely set

Parameter setting

Use 3 buttons


mm, the default unit is m.


about 1.35kg

Non-wetted parts materials


1NPT, stainless steel, length 20mm (materials and connector specifications can be customized according to customer requirements).

Electrical connections

Make the waterproof connector, air hole cable entrance comply with EN 175301 -803A standard

Measurement period

≤ 100ms


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