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HZ-1003F Fully Automatic Kinematic Viscosity Tester Kinematic Viscosity Test Equipment Oil Viscosity Meter


HZ-1003F automatic kinematic viscosity tester is designed and manufactured in accordance with GB/T265, ASTM D445, IP71 standards, and can accurately measure the kinematic viscosity of petroleum products in strict accordance with the standard description.

It works by loading the sample into the selected capillary viscometer and immersing the capillary in a constant temperature bath. Suction the sample to the calibration position, when the sample flows to the upper calibration position, the instrument starts to record the time automatically. When the sample flows to the lower calibration position, the instrument automatically stops recording the time, and the instrument will automatically calculate the kinematic viscosity of the sample.

The instrument measuring instrument adopts a modular design. The detection part adopts advanced sensors and high-precision AD conversion circuits. The main control part adopts a number of industrial applications, high reliability 16-bit RISC structure, and ultra-low power consumption microprocessor. Reliable communication composes each module into a unified and reliable measurement and control platform. The program adopts the high-quality and most simple modular program design, and is organically combined with the hardware, so that the automatic heating and constant temperature, liquid level detection, timing, cleaning of the viscosity tube, printing, etc. in the kinematic viscosity measurement process are fully automatic. , to achieve the operation mode of one key to get the result.

The automatic kinematic viscometer presets 4 sets of measurement parameters for selection when testing different samples, which is convenient for testing operations. At the same time, the preset parameters are modifiable to meet the requirements of measuring special samples.


This instrument adopts the optical fiber conduction detection method, which is different from the ordinary photoelectric tube detection method of other manufacturers.

·Good man-machine interface, easy to operate

·Complete the whole process of sampling, timing, calculation, printing, cleaning and drying of kinematic viscosity with one click.

·16 groups of preset parameters for selection

·The preset parameters can be modified to meet special requirements

·Pure imported optical fiber detection is not disturbed by indoor light and lighting

·The optical fiber detection position can be adjusted, flexible and free

·All PLC control, high stability and reliability

·Automatically store 100 test results and view or print at any time

·The testing process complies with the standard regulations, and the data is reliable

·It can work continuously for a long time, and the failure rate is extremely low.

III.Technical Parameter

1. Temperature range: room temperature to +100°C, accuracy ±0.01°C.

2. Temperature sensor: Pt 100 stainless steel probe imported from Germany, with built-in temperature correction, and reliable detection results.

3. Heating method: electric heating unit, the maximum heating power is 1000 W.

4. Liquid level detection: infrared photoelectric detection.

5. Display: 10-inch industrial color touch screen.

6. Temperature correction: 0-100 can be adjusted at will.

7. Data storage: 100 groups of test results.

8. Power supply: AC220V 50Hz. Maximum power 1500 W

9. Ambient temperature: 1040℃

Storage environment temperature: 050℃


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Automatic Viscometer



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Printer Paper



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