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HZZD-100 Automatic Potentiometric Titrator HZZD-100 ASTM D3227 UOP163 Automatic Potentiometric Titrator



I. Overview

The HZZD-100 automatic potentiometric titrator is composed of three parts: the main engine, the Metrohm titration device and the computer. Different electrodes can be used to perform: acid-base titration, precipitation titration, redox titration, complexometric titration and other titrations, and has dynamic Titration mode. With the support of the application software, the host can realize automatic titration, automatic liquid replenishment, and calculate the content of the detection data. The key components of the instrument are imported devices, the whole machine has a simple structure, beautiful appearance, high degree of automation, accurate analysis results, etc. It is an ideal intelligent instrument necessary for petrochemical laboratories, analysis rooms and scientific research departments.

      The potentiometric titration method is to track and record the electrode potential and titration volume during the titration process, find out the potential characteristic hop (ie equivalent point) and the volume of the standard titration solution corresponding to the potential characteristic hop, so as to obtain the dripped sample. The content of ions in the liquid. HZZD-100 automatic potentiometric titrator is based on this method, in strict accordance with GB/T7304, GB/T264, the titration curve is smoothed, and the titration end point position is corrected, which effectively ensures the accuracy of the results.

II. Technical indicators

1. Applicable standard: GB/T9725

2. Functions: acid-base titration, precipitation titration, redox titration, complexometric titration, non-aqueous titration and other titrations, and has a dynamic titration mode.

3. Potential measurement range; (0±2000)mV, PH: 020.00PH

4. Basic error of electronic unit: mV: ±0.03%F•S± 1 character pH: ±0.001pH ± 1 character

5. Input impedance: Ri≥1×1012Ω

6. The volume of the burette: 10ml, the minimum volume is 0.01mL, the minimum sending volume is 0.001mL, and the resolution of the burette is 1/20000.

7. Burette accuracy: ±0.1% (F•S)

8. Burette dripping time: (60±20) seconds (F•S)

9. Titration unit: Metrohm

10. Minimum sending volume (minimum feeding): 0.001mL

11. Sampling volume: 30ml

12. Repeatability error of titration end point: ≤0.2%

13. Analysis time: depends on the sample size

14. Data communication interface: RS232 or workstation

15. Power: 50w

16. Weight, kg: 6KG

17. Dimensions, mm (L×W×H): 260mm×230mm×460mm


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