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HZTL-1B Ferrography Tester Ferrography Metal Abrasive Monitor Analysis Instrument




Abrasive particle monitoring is an important method for early warning and avoiding mechanical failures. The use of iron gauges can detect worn parts at an early stage of wear, and serious losses can be avoided by replacing them. Existing abrasive particle monitoring methods all have some defects and deficiencies. For example, oil spectrometer is limited by carrying capacity and excitation energy, and cannot quantitatively monitor particles larger than 5 µm; the measurement results of ferrography are only relative coefficients rather than absolute concentrations. The use of the iron meter can directly measure the concentration of all ferromagnetic abrasive particles in the oil sample without processing the oil sample.

The HZTL-1B portable iron gauge independently developed and produced by Baoding Huazheng Electric adopts a variety of patented technologies and advanced algorithms, and has very high sensitivity and repeatability. The HZTL-1B portable iron gauge measures the iron filings in oil samples. The total amount is displayed in ug/ml, which has a good linear relationship with the iron filings content and particle size of the oil sample. To measure the content of wear debris, the HZTL-1B portable iron meter can directly measure the concentration of all ferromagnetic abrasive particles in the oil sample without processing the oil sample.

The iron meter can analyze the content of iron abrasive particles in various samples of mineral oil, synthetic oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil and lubricating grease.


Portable and fast analysis of equipment wear on site, timely response, and informed of changes in equipment wear and whether equipment wear is abnormal.

1. Adopt patented sensor and signal processing circuit, with good stability, high sensitivity and resolution up to ppm level.

2. Oil sample transmission and measurement are carried out automatically, and one data can be measured in 10 seconds.

3. The oil sample does not need to be processed, and can be directly injected into the oil bottle for measurement.

4, English and graphical interface, user-friendly operation.

Instrument parameters:


Complete on-site rapid quantitative analysis of whether equipment wear and tear is abnormal



Working temperature


storage temperature


Working humidity

20%80% Relative humidity

Storage humidity

0%95% Relative humidity



Detection range of abrasive particles


measurement accuracy




Test sample amount


Built-in battery pack

Built-in battery, working time up to 4 hours

Each measurement time after warm-up is completed

less than 1 second


3.2 inch touch screen


Record measurement data, save data query, curve display, calibration function, recorded data can be exported through USB port


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