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HZCC14B Automatic Trace Carbon Residual Tester Premium Petroleum Products Residue Carbon Tester

I.Purpose and scope of application

This instrument is designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements specified in the Nation Standard GB/T 17144 and ASTM D4530 "Determination of Carbon Residue in Petroleum Products (Micro Method)", and is used for the determination of residual carbon in petroleum products.

The measuring range of this instrument for residual carbon is: 0.10% (m/m) to 30.0% (m/m). For products held with carbon residue exceeding 0.10% (m/m), the results are equivalent to the measurement results of the Kang's carbon residue method (GB/T 268).

This instrument is also suitable for petroleum products whose carbon residue value is lower than 0.10% (m/m) and consists of distillate oil, but should first use gb/6536 method to prepare 10% (V/V) distillation residue, and then use This instrument measures.

II. Main technical indicators and parameters

1. Power supply: AC220V ±10%, 50Hz;

2. Instrument power consumption: ≤1600W;

3. Temperature of green coke box: 500℃

4. Green coke box size: φ85mm×105mm (diameter×height)

5. Temperature control accuracy: ±2℃;

6. Heating power: 1500W;

7. Number of samples available: 12

8. Flow adjustment range: 100ml~1000ml/min; automatic switching between 150ml/min and 600 ml/min

9. Ambient temperature: 5℃35℃;

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