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HZ-1038Z Automatic Lubricating Grease Cone Penetration Tester

I. Main functions and features

1. The main unit is equipped with a LCD touch screen, and the time-counting program controls the pull-in and release of the electromagnet, so that the push rod falls and locks.

2. The time timing program is displayed on the LCD touch screen, the control time can be input arbitrarily, and the control time accuracy is ±0.1 seconds.

3. Adopt digital displacement depth measuring mechanism, which is accurate, convenient and fast to use.

4. The maximum measurable penetration value is not less than 700 units, which can adapt to various test requirements.

5. The lifting adopts electronic stepless speed regulation mode, which is convenient and quick to use.

6. The bracket has the function of self-locking at any time, and can automatically stop at any position.

7. It has a table level adjustment mechanism, which is easy to adjust.

8. A mechanism for manually releasing the needle insertion piece is attached to ensure self-control during use.

9. Constant temperature bath, the recommended bath temperature adjustment range is 0-60℃, and the temperature control accuracy is ±0.2℃.


II.Main parameters


Measuring range: 0500 cone into unit

2. Vertebral body release stroke: more than 62mm

3. Laser sensor: using imported laser components

4. Minimum reading: 1 cone into unit

5. Timing range: adjustable from 5 seconds to 90 seconds

6. Timing error: ≤0.02 seconds

7. Repeatability: <2+0.03P, P is the arithmetic mean of two measurement results

8. Stability: Δu≤0.2

9. Temperature control range: 23 degrees Celsius - 60 degrees Celsius

10. Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz±2%

11. Dimensions L×B×H (mm): 530×290×360

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