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HZQX-100 Multi-function automatic vessel cleaning machine HZQX-100 Utensils Cleaner Multi-function Automatic Vessel Cleaning Machine



Multi-functional automatic utensils cleaning machine, is our company all the scientific research and technical personnel in the international general standards and more than ten years of analysis of special instruments, general analytical instruments and equipment research and development, on the basis of production experience, combined with the domestic market demand, after years of efforts to research successfully a new generation of laboratory multi-functional automatic utensils cleaning and disinfection system. The system adopts microcomputer control to realize fully automatic digitization. The machine has advanced design, exquisite materials, stable performance, simple operation, beautiful shape, safe and reliable operation, greatly improve the work efficiency, so that your work in a relaxed and happy completion, now the specific introduction is as follows.

II.Instrument characteristics

1.The instrument adopts dual CPU mutual monitoring mode to control, stable and reliable work;

2. The vessel cleaning is integrated with high temperature softening, high pressure stripping, acidification, oil emulsification, pH control, complexation water softening, polymerization washing, high temperature drying and ultraviolet disinfection and other technical means, to maximize the cleanliness of the washing;

3. The instrument adopts the upper and lower double spray arm spray, to ensure that there is no dead corner in the cleaning warehouse.

4. Multi-circuit microcomputer automatic valve control system has minimized the residual sewage in the dead volume of the pipeline. So bigImprove the cleaning efficiency, and significantly shorten the working cycle and reduce water and electricity consumption;

5. The GC column box insulation technology is adopted to greatly reduce the heat loss of the box. Improve the work efficiency, but also reduce the power consumption;

6. Adopt high sensitive temperature sensor and supporting software control system to achieve more accurate real-time monitoring of the temperature in the warehouse during cleaning and drying.

7. The High-throughput residue filtration system not only ensures the high-throughput of washing, but also eliminates the serious damage of the high-hardness residue to the high-pressure circulating pump;

8. A variety of custom cleaning modes to automatically program the storage system to adapt to the cleaning scheme of different vessels;

9. Automatic cabin door, normal washing when the cabin door is automatically locked, to protect the circulating pump and heating system work, to prevent the user from accidental injury and damage to the instrument itself damage;

10. Automatic control of intermittent cleaning operation process with default mode, custom mode and manual mode available, giving customers enough working freedom;

11. Large screen LCD touch screen, Chinese menu operation interface, make the operation simple and clear, very convenient;

12. Metal shell, beautiful and generous. Mobile design, easy maintenance and maintenance.

13. Rechangeable basket to accommodate the cleaning of different utensils.

14. According to different baskets, and different amounts of washing, automatically adjust the water intake to achieve water saving

III.Technical indicators

Wash degree meets the analytical chemical quality requirements for glassware:

pH = 6.57.5

The residual amount of detergent inside the wall of the vessel is 0.1 g / cm2;

Manual cleaning of particulate matter residues (meet the requirements of oil analysis);

High-pressure circulating spray system:

1.Pressure: ~0.45 Mpa; traffic: 200 L / min;

2.Automatic control of intermittent cleaning operation mode:

3.Default mode 1: Suitable for the cleaning of heavy oil pollution vessels;

4.Default mode 2: suitable for mild oil stain vessel cleaning;

5.Custom mode: users can randomly change the washing time, washing times, washing temperature, hot air temperature, drying time, and other relevant parameters, according to the actual situation, so as to adapt to the utensils with different pollution degrees;

6.Manual mode: manual control of the parameters, suitable for maintenance, assembly and debugging;

7.High temperature resistant inorganic fiber efficient insulation layer, to maximize the utilization rate of electric heat;

8.The temperature outside the chassis is 40℃;

Top cover temperature is 50℃; Washing liquid temperature control system: tap water temperature ~70℃; precision ± 2℃;

Positive pressure air drying system: room temperature ~105℃; precision ± 5℃;

cleaning frequency:

The average working cycle of the four seasons is about 90 minutes (depending on room temperature, water temperature, and power supply configuration);

Detergent dispensing system: fully isolation magnetic pump to avoid detergent contamination

9. Environmental protection parameters: no harmful noise, waste gas and waste residue are produced in operation. Waste water discharge and domestic sewage The level is comparable;

10. Display mode: touch-type color LCD screen, Chinese menu operation interface;

11. External size: 85cm 70cm 149cm

12. Weight: 120 kg

IV.Conditions of use

1. Ambient temperature is 0~ + 40℃

2. Relative humidity is 85%

3. Working power supply is AC 220V ± 5%

4. Power supply frequency is 50 / 60 Hz

5.Maximum power is 4000 W

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