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HZDD-3954 Automatic Paraffin Dropping Point Tester Wax Dropping Point Analyzer


This instrument is suitable for detecting the dropping point of all non-liquid waxes including

paraffin wax, microcrystalline wax, polyethylene wax, blended wax and natural wax. The instrument is fully controlled by a touch LCD screen, with automatic results and simple operation. The test principle is to place the sample in the grease cup and heat it in the air at a constant rate. When the sample suspended at the bottom of the grease cup flows down a distance of 19mm, the temperature when the photoelectric detection beam is interrupted is the drop point of the sample.

II.Technical Parameter

1. Applicable standard:ASTM D3954

2. Temperature control method: high-quality digital PID temperature controller

3. Thermal bath range: 25℃250℃

4. Measurement accuracy: 0.1℃

5. Cooling method: forced air cooling

6. Heating method: electric heating tube heating

7. Working power supply: AC220V±10% 50HZ

8. Control method: touch LCD screen, automatic control

9. Result display: LCD display

10. Net weight: 20KG


1. Touch LCD screen control, which can be operated directly on the LCD screen;

2. Metal bath heating, fast heating, simple operation, safety and environmental protection

3. Automatically detect the dropping point of the sample, no need for a special person to monitor the experimental process, and automatically notify after the experiment is over.

4. High-precision sensors can capture the process of paraffin dropping and obtain experimental results in time.

5. Using the touch screen display, the reading is clear and the operation is convenient.

6. Using high-precision PT100 temperature sensor, the measurement accuracy is high, and the accuracy is ±0.1℃.

7. It has the function of over temperature limit


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