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DAC-IR-2C Direct Reading Iron Loss Tester

1-1 Summary

This instrument can measure the iron loss of electrical steel sheet. The Epstein Test is used extensively as the standard method for measuring iron loss. it requires, however, the preparation of special test samples and considerable time to make the required measurements.

The DAC-IR-2C is a Yoke Type Iron Loss Tester and has a great advantage compared to the Epstein method in that it provides a direct reading of iron loss scaled in watts per kilogram or watts per pound from a single sheet sample. It has been designed compact in size and simple to operate, thus is greatly helpful for quality management of steel sheets on various job sites.

Superceding the former portable type Iron Loss Tester DAC-IR-2 made in Japan SOKEN, DAC-IR-2C provides convenient and fast measurement of the core loss of Electrical Steel Sheet individual pieces and laminations of all sizes and shapes, simply by placing the probe. It measures the Iron Loss in W/kg indicating it on a large LED readout Display.

DAC-IR-2C can test the Min 5 mm of Width and the Max 0.99 mm of Thickness for any shapes of Electrical Steel Sheet.


2-1 General Description

Measurable Watt Loss:   0.1019.99 W/kg (4 digits)

Magnetic Flux Density: 1.5T and 1.7T (Tesla) for Non-Oriented(S) and Oriented Grain(G) Thickness Selection: By Setting Button (3 digits)

Width Selection: By Setting Button (3 digits)

Possible to measure: 0.100.90mm (Thickness); Wider than 5mm(Width) and 20mm(Length) Test Object: Electrical Steel Sheets for Non-Oriented or Oriented Grain.

Measuring Accuracy: Error less than±5.

Measuring Frequency: 50Hz (synchronized to power supply frequency) and 60Hz(option) Input Power Supply: AC100V and 220V selected according to request by customer.

Size: 220(W)×140(H)×350(D)mm

Net Weight: About 4 KGS

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